Valuable Equity
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The artist who painted the walls of Facebook’s HQ in exchange for stock makes $500M.
Uber pays lobbyist in stock, its value increases 150 times.
of Vitaminwater for stock, made by rapper 50 Cent.
of Priceline for stock, by actor William Shatner.
- value of the stock Chuck Fipke received for his services as a geologist.

Media publishers and service providers can now play the exciting role of venture capitalist while incurring virtually ZERO risk.

Leverage your excess capacity by exchanging it for valuable equity in emerging companies.
Even a small piece of an early-stage venture can result in a HUGE windfall down the road. Your support will impact the outcome.
Media companies: Why let remnant advertising space and time evaporate when you can exchange it for equity in fast-growing companies?
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By helping cutting-edge companies reach their potential, you can reap the benefits of their success!

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About us
About us

Are you a fast-growing company willing to trade equity for services such as advertising space in regional and national print and broadcast media?

Visit and get access to such services today.

We are dedicated to facilitating mutually beneficial relationships between service providers and emerging companies. For service providers, we offer the opportunity to receive equity in exchange for services, enabling them to achieve ROI from perishable capacity that may otherwise go unused.

For emerging companies, we offer an alternative way to acquire critical services such as expensive advertising, while slowing the burn rate and avoiding the high transaction costs and significant barriers involved in raising additional cash.