Do you invest MONEY in the stock market?

There’s a better way!

Stock4Services was inspired by the phenomenal success stories that prompted a revolution in the way stock is traded.

  • In 2004, rapper 50 Cent accepted Glaceau stock for endorsing its Vitaminwater brand. In 2008, he earned in over $100 million when Coca-Cola purchased the company.
  • In 2005, a graffiti artist accepted stock in lieu of payment for painting the walls of Facebook’s new offices. In 2013, that stock was worth $500 million.

We saw how anyone with the means to help a company progress could benefit from investing in emerging companies with high growth potential. Conversely, we saw how a growing business could progress beyond the limitations of its budget by offering stock in lieu of cash. What we didn’t see was an easily navigated professional network where the two could connect.

So we created Stock4Services as a launching pad to facilitate such deals: from investing ad space to crowdsourcing services such as public relations, social media marketing, information technology, and others. We figured that if a graffiti painter could make half a billion dollars for $60,000 worth of services, there was no reason why other service providers couldn’t earn millions employing the same tactics.

We source promising companies through a careful selection process that considers the strength of management, growing revenues, and respected investors already on board with the company. Service providers, broadcasters, publishers and celebrities can then select from our curated pool of companies, safe in the knowledge that they are likely to deliver high returns.

There are currently no listing fees or other charges for the service providers for using Stock4Services platform to find suitable investment opportunities.

Companies that can benefit from Stock4Services the most include:

Publishers, cable and broadcast TV, online networks which regularly have remnant advertising inventory
PR agencies
Law firms
SaaS companies
IT solution providers

Here’s how it works:

You tell us what services or assets you may consider for investing (examples: “Legal services, 2,000 hours” or “Advertising, 4 pages.”) and the applicable pricing.
We search for the best opportunities for you and present our recommendations, acting on a commission-only basis.
You make the decision. You earn the profit. You grow your portfolio.