What is Stock4Services.com?

Stock4Services.com provides a unique service designed specifically for media publishers and service providers. We offer a way for you to turn your excess ad capacity into equity in emerging companies that are finding it more difficult to find seed and bridge funding, and are looking for creative ways to bootstrap the growth of their businesses. Stock4Services.com provides them a bootstrap alternative with your company as a potential beneficiary. Your company provides them with the strategic advertising or other services they need to grow their business and you benefit by participating in the success of their company. Our services present no risk or out of pocket expense to your company. We are only compensated when you are compensated.

How does Stock4Services.com work?

After registering and signing-in, you will have access to our comprehensive database of emerging companies looking to exchange equity for your valuable services. Each emerging company provides all the critical information you need to select the best fit for you and includes the following information:

  • Business description and background
  • Markets served
  • Geographic location
  • Service requirements and objectives
  • 'Elevator pitches', executive summaries and business plans
  • Stock4Services.com as a facilitator, providing you with all the information you will need to contact these companies and enter into a services-for-equity agreement.

How does it benefit my company?

Stock4Services.com's innovative services give your company the opportunity to leverage surplus ad space, ad time or services and turn it into an equity position in one or more emerging companies. And is accomplished without investing one dime. Your company will benefit in the following ways:

  • Fill idle, non-revenue-producing ad space and time with equity-producing ads.
  • Your support increases the odds of success for an emerging company, which in turn increases the value of your held asset: support breeds success.

What’s the cost of your services?

There are currently no listing fees or other charges for the service providers for using Stock4Services platform to find suitable investment opportunities.